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Welcome Divine Soul !

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was
more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais nin”

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Somatic Counselling, Breakthrough Coaching and Healing Arts to support your journey

as a highly powerful empathic being.

For the deep feeler and intuitive looking to work within a sacred container and receive high frequency unconditional loving support. Work through traumas, old beliefs, ground overwhelming emotions and sensations rapidly. Learn to come home to your body and  cultivate safety within.

If you are exhausted from feeling, struggling, feeling stuck and alone in life, then landing on my page is no mistake. I offer a high level of support which will support you to feel safe enough to work through your current challenges.

I will support you to process emotions and experiences that are causing disharmony and discomfort.

We will have a release ceremony

Get Coaching to learn to rewire your thoughts so you can shift your external world view

Receive readings and clearings.

Use Breathwork, somatic experiencing and gentle touch to support nervous system regulation as well as unwind from your current stress responses.

Receive activations and quantum touch energy healing which will help bring your innate gifts online and rebalance your field.


Transformation awaits!

Lets work together!

Online Session $144
90 Minutes

In person sessions have limited availability. Please contact me for more info

Conscious Connected Shamanic Breathwork

Trauma Informed Somatic Release Therapy

Breakthrough Counselling & Coaching

Inner Child Intergration Work &  Re-Parenting

Quantum Touch Healing & Reiki

Intuitive Messages and Spiritual Guidance

Body Armour Reading/Aura Reading

Sacred Release Ceremonies

Starseed & Light Language Activations


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Sekhina Rose

As a multi- dimensional lightworker it is important for me to assist you in achieving wellness in various areas of your life. My approach is for you If you are ready to take a deep honest look at the ways you may be sabotaging your life. I share a no bullshit guide that is unique to you. We work quickly through your beliefs, patterns, behaviors, thoughts and emotions. Work with me If you are ready to be courageous. We will unlock your body armouring systems so you may feel more spaciousness and grace in your life ! Healing and intergrations take time and patience. When you fully commit to yourself, you will see and feel massive shifts.

My goal is to support you to alchemize your pain into power and  to achieve full spectrum integration. Raise your frequency and awareness  so you can live a more fulfilling heart centred  life and reach higher levels of consciousness.. You are in a temporary space of incubation and now is the time to reach for support and learn new tools for the new version that is about to emerge! With guidance you can discover your own gifts and unique way of processing your life to rise above your challenges. The journey we take together is a powerful initiation. One which leads you into your next highest timeline. Our time together will be transformational if you allow yourself to embrace the magic that is awaiting you. 

"She's a really gifted woman who really cares about your healing journey and provides a high level of compassion, empathy and deep understanding. I've worked with a lot of counsellors/coaches but she is the most in tune and direct. I can say she's even psychic and knew exactly my emotions, thoughts and what I needed to move through it with little communication from me. Definetly will keep exploring with her."

-Sabrina V

Frankie Bolder

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