This website is being revamped. Please contact me directly for more information about booking sessions. Currently offering Somatic Counselling & Coaching   Breathwork, Energy Healing.

Breathwork Immersion 
1:1 Somatic Release & Delayering 


 Four 1:1 Deep Somatic Delayering Breathwork Sessions 

Coaching around your unique body armouring

Looking at your traumas and how you feel and move in your body. 

How the body armouring dictates how you feel. 

Identifying body locks through the breath. 

Looking at beliefs systems from this life and your lineage

Working with spirit, ancestors, starseed beings

Light language activations to support a spiritual connection and activate your dormant light codes

Unlimited email support during the 4 week period.


As a therapist/lightworker it is important for me to assist you in achieving wellness in various areas of your life. My approach is for you If you are ready to take a deep honest look at the ways you may be sabotaging your life. I share a no bullshit guide that is unique to you. I work quickly through your beliefs, patterns, behaviours, thoughts and emotions. 


As my client you will cultivate a great deal of patience, compassion and understanding for yourself. You will learn to  process  and unravel the ways in which you have possibly created disharmony and unease. Most often disguised as safety and control. 


Depression, anxiety, physical pain, and other discomforts stem from an inability to regulate and integrate the flow of stimulus occurring externally and internally . When you remain disconnected from the physical and emotional body  for decades, your nervous system becomes overwhelmed and the symptoms you feel worsen as you age. A key component to rejuvenating your mental and emotional health is to work within the body. Pairing cognitive therapy with somatic therapy is a game changer.

Loving presence, full body listening, strong intuitive messages and grounded guidance are some of the many gifts I offer as a Lightworker.  The type of sessions you receive will be completely based on your level of comfort and your unique needs. Sessions may include  Reiki, Quantum Healing, Sacred Breathwork, sound bath and intuitive/psychic guidance.

My goal is to support you in healing, integration and raising your frequency so you can live a more fulfilling heart centred  life and reach higher levels of consciousness.. You are in a temporary space of incubation and now is the time to reach for support and learn new tools for the new version that is about to emerge! With guidance you can discover your own gifts and unique way of processing your life to rise above your challenges.

Come home to your body. Heal the wounded self and merge with your higher self.


I am honoured and excited to support your journey.

Love, Tameeza Gaia Rose


"Tameeza is an absolute gem and beautiful soul with an incredible ability to help facilitate healing in a safe and supportive space. Not only does she have the gift of being deeply intuitive, she’s also incredibly kind and compassionate. She was able to provide me with greater insight and clarity on the energetic sensations I was already experiencing in my body. I felt heard, seen, and held throughout. The breakthroughs that came through have been profound. I was able to tap into deep seated emotional pain stemming from early childhood that my body has been holding onto for years. I now understand the immense value in befriending these deeper aspects of self in order to release blockages that keep us from living our most authentic, empowered, and expressive life. Breathwork can feel intimidating but with the proper loving guidance of a facilitator like Tameeza, you’ll quickly realize that you are both capable and worthy of healing!"


Areas of Practice 

Trans-Personal Counselling & Coaching

Focused on spiritual growth and awakenings. Addressing spiritual illness and difficult awakening symptoms. You will benefit from this if you are looking to go deeper within yourself to find a more clear meaning and purpose. Many people find clarity and learn to integrate challenges as useful life tools.

Trauma Informed Somatic Therapy

Focusing on the body and nervous system. Within a safe atmosphere we explore what is held in the body. Opening to possibilities of seeing, hearing and feeling what was once unaddressed. We move organically and without force to witness, heal and integrate emotions and experiences. Your body knows exactly what to do. It only needs the attention and space to unfurl.

Inner Child Work and Re-parenting

Working with attachment styles

Tapping into your needs and learning to implement new self care behaviours which assist in your personal growth and healing journey.

Conscious Connected Shamanic Breathwork

A cyclical breath that is practised to support somatic release and nervous system regulation. We access light and wisdom from alternate realms. Reading the body armouring system. Resetting the mind and promoting well being.