Honouring the world of form and spirit;

Surrendering to 

endless death and rebirth; 

This is the source of all healing.

~ The Shamans Way~


A progressive form of therapy which focuses on wellness by addressing all key elements, including the body.


Addressing trauma, depression, anxiety and life challenges through guided somatic releasing and body awareness.


Tapping into the energy field around you and within you to access information and bring about transformation. Receive channeled guidance for mind, body and spirit.


I grew up in Vancouver/ Burnaby and have lived a colorful and fascinating  life. I have come to understand feel emotions deeply from myself and others. I am a highly intuitive healer and the experiences I endured have helped to support others in a loving and expansive way.  I've experienced several difficult moments all through my life and I had struggled with depression, anxiety, trauma and have gone through several big losses. I've had battles with my mind and heart more times than I can count.  

I can't say that it wasn't easy healing and integrating lost parts of myself, but it was worth it and I am committed to continuing my process of ascension to meet my highest and best potential and support others to do the same. What propelled me to become a therapeutic holistic therapist and guide was an awakening experience back in 2007.  I lost a loved one to a sudden death. This led me into deep grief and long term depression and thougths of suicide. The death had actually blasted my heart open and awakened me to the illusions I was living in. Although I was grieving, I knew it was much more. It was a gift. I was ready to take flight. And this was my first big initiation towards my path to awakening my sacred gifts. I have now been passionately in practise for 8 years! I love my life and I love supporting individuals who are ready to take a courageous leap into healing and expansion.

The one big lesson that I have learned over and over is that we all have this perseverance and resilience within us to keep fighting for a better life and version of ourselves. This is the exact reason why you are here reading these words. You are aware of a deep calling within your soul that wants you to not only become the best version of yourself but also thrive in your life. It is a birthright to thrive and embody our truth. We have been conditioned and led astray. Now is the time to dive deep, time to go back to self. Because this is the only place you will truly cultivate authentic love. 

My approach

I relate to you  with heart to heart  connection. My entire being is online, so to speak. I guide you from higher realms of knowledge working with the quantum field.. My body is also my tool. I use her to feel into your field and read what she most needs from you.  I am communicating in many forms and at times I may hear, see or feel your life experiences from current or past lives. At times you’re guided by benevolent beings or loved ones who have passed on to another dimension. You will always be held in light.

From this  space you can soften into yourself, experience deep relaxation and just be…. This allows you to expand your awareness so you may see the ways the mind sabotages you and keeps you disconnected from the body's wisdom. You learn how to overcome your old  beliefs and patterns and build new neural pathways. Come home to your body, heal the wounded self. I  believe that every person is capable of a great transformation and that it can be done with ease and grace when you are fully supported and held in a sacred vessel. 

Loving presence, full body listening, strong intuitive messages and grounded guidance are some of the many gifts I offer as a healer.  I believe the best work that can be done in therapy is when we combine modern theories with traditional/ancient modalities and gifts. The type of sessions you receive will be completely based on your level of comfort and your unique needs. I offer various options. Some sessions may include energy readings/ balancing, Reiki, breathwork and intuitive/psychic guidance. As long as you remain open to possibilities, the ways you can heal and overcome your challenges can be a powerful and positive experience that stays with you for life times.

My goal is to support you in healing, integration and raising your frequency so you can live a more fulfilling life and reach higher consciousness.. You are in a temporary space of incubation and now is the time to reach for support and learn new tools for the new version that is about to emerge! With guidance you can discover your own gifts and unique way of processing your life to rise above your challenges. I am honoured and excited to support your journey.

Love, Tameeza


"Tameeza is an absolute gem and beautiful soul with an incredible ability to help facilitate healing in a safe and supportive space. Not only does she have the gift of being deeply intuitive, she’s also incredibly kind and compassionate. She was able to provide me with greater insight and clarity on the energetic sensations I was already experiencing in my body. I felt heard, seen, and held throughout. The breakthroughs that came through have been profound. I was able to tap into deep seated emotional pain stemming from early childhood that my body has been holding onto for years. I now understand the immense value in befriending these deeper aspects of self in order to release blockages that keep us from living our most authentic, empowered, and expressive life. Breathwork can feel intimidating but with the proper loving guidance of a facilitator like Tameeza, you’ll quickly realize that you are both capable and worthy of healing!"


Benefits of working together


As a therapist/healer it is important for me to assist you in achieving wellness in various areas of your life. My approach is for you If you are ready to take a deep honest look at the ways you may be sabotaging your life. I share a no BS guide that is unique to you and to what we discover in our sessions. I work quickly through your beliefs , patterns, behaviours, thoughts and emotions. As my client you will cultivate a great deal of patience and understanding  for yourself and the process of unraveling the ways in which you have possibly created  disharmony and unease as a form of safety. Depression, anxiety and other uncomfortable emotions stem from an inability to regulate and process for yourself. When you continue playing this out for decades, your nervous system becomes overwhelmed and the symptoms you feel worsen. Along with counselling tools I use holistic modalities to support your journey.

Benefits you can receive from our sessions:

  • Increasing your awareness and gaining focus

  • Find relief from mental health conditions such as Depression,   anxiety and stress

  • Ability to see into your mind traps

  • Creating a relationship with your emotions so  you may feel more overall ease

  • Learn to regulate your emotions without panic

  • Build emotional independence not co-dependancy

  • You simplify your life and find more peace

  • Heal old traumas and integrate into a new way of    being

  • Gain knowledge on your un-serving belief system and create more healthy beliefs

  • Improve your communications skills

  • Resolve conflict more quickly and effectively with new problem solving tools

  •  Implement new behaviours and responses which lead to more  effective and concrete daily self help tools

  • Understand your emotions, thoughts and behaviours and create  healthy responses

  • Boost self esteem and self acceptance

  • Have increased energy and feel inspired

Areas of Practice 

Trans-Personal Counselling

Focused on spiritual growth and awakenings. Addressing spiritual illness and difficult awakening symptoms. You will benefit from this if you are looking to go deeper within yourself to find a more clear meaning and purpose. Many people find clarity and learn to integrate challenges as useful life tools.

Somatic Therapy

Focusing on the body and nervous system. Within a safe atmosphere we explore what is held in the body. Opening to possibilities of seeing, hearing and feeling what was once unaddressed. We move organically and without force to witness, heal and integrate emotions and experiences. Your body knows exactly what to do. It only needs the attention and space to unfurl.

Inner Child Work and Re-parenting

Working with attachment styles

Tapping into your needs and learning to implement new self care behaviours which assist in your personal growth and healing journey.

Solution Focused Therapy

Observation of responses to help the client to recognize hers/his own virtues. Thus allowing the client to have a shift in perception and build tools for coping with various emotional challenges. Supporting you to view challenges with a new lens and reconnect to ones self efficacy, intrinsic values and inner resources.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is an evidence-based psychological treatment which will give you a more clear understanding of your thinking patterns and cycles. Skills are learned so you can feel at ease and rewire your brain to see and feel differently.


Analysis examines deep motivations within the clients psyche, the thoughts and actions which lie beneath conscious awareness. and integrating them to expand higher levels of consciousness