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Cosmic Drip
9 week 
Embodiment Journey

Embodiment Coaching & Tantric, Shamanic Healing Portal

What is The Cosmic Drip?

The cosmic drip is a juicy container for womxn to discover who they are, unlock ancient wisdom and gifts. Ground into the I AM presence of Universal LOVE. Divine Feminine energy is the most powerful force on this planet. We oooze magic, we carry it in our bones. Tapping  into your cosmic drip means we open more doors, expand our essence and embody what it means to be a creatix.


Connect to your intuition from the universal stream of consciousness

A journey through the body to find & maintain inner peace and safety.

Learn to release suffering by mastering  your emotions, work through old beliefs and stagnant energies through the process of the rebirthing  portal and activate your dormant light codes.

You are a highly intuitive, empathic woman who finds it difficult at times to walk in the intensities of this world. You feel now is the time to illuminate the areas that have been causing overwhelm. You have a deep knowing of your power yet you have been afraid to step in. Perhaps you practice your gifts as a side hobby. You are now ready to activate your voice and the ancient  wisdom. Although you are well aware that you have the power to create worlds, you feel a fear current running in the background which keeps you stuck and playing small. You long to be seen in your fullness. You long to become a master of your life and craft. You have been calling in guidance. This is your sign, dear sister. Come on in.

By immersing yourself into this 9 week sacred  online container, you will learn to cultivate a deep intimate relationship with your body and her wisdom. Learn how to use your body as a divination tool. Discover your inner shaman. Safety must be cultivated within our inner temple so we may move with ease. Through compassionate inquiry and steady inner work within this sacred women’s container, we can lift ourselves through the layers of suffering and learn to nourish and love our totality. We will begin to merge with our higher self and see an up-spiral with our kundalini life force energy as well as open communication to the higher realms.

The 9 Week Portal​

9  Zoom calls with live coaching (2.5 Hour calls)

Two 1:1 coaching calls​

Live group coaching around mother & father wounding

​Dyad Exercises (intimacy and inner reflections)

Learn about addiction to emotions

4 Key chemicals and how to keep them flowing and in balance- Endorphins-Oxytocin-Dopamine-Serotonin


Kundalini Dance

Activating dormant light codes in the body

Receive the keycodes to each chakra which will support your next level of awakening and merging with your higher self

What is Death & Rebirth portal- Cycles within the cycles

Light Language Transmissions & Activations

Working with movement and breath to alchemize lower frequencies

Illuminating with Shamanic tools & Connecting with your inner shaman

Feminine Embodiment- Come home to your body

Intuitive Energy/Body Readings- What is present?

Master your Emotions- Learn how to process and Integrate on your own with confidence 

All women will facilitate a mini healing for the rest of the group. This will further activate the inner leader


OPENING CEREMONY- PORTAL 1- Roots & Wings (Kundalini Dance)

This module takes us into our core family system & blueprint. We explore root themes. Emotional, mental and behavioral themes encoded in  our DNA. Choose 2 major themes running your life so we may excavate and plant a new foundation. Once we alchemize and root into a new foundation, we take flight with our new frequency.


PORTAL 2- Body Love

This module explores unhealthy body distortions and its causes. We will go to the root of the physical discomforts. Working on restructuring how we perceive our body and choosing body acceptance. This week we dig up delicate emotions so we can alchemize them. Self image. Who Am I ? Learning to use the body as a navigational system. Tracking emotions, sensations and thoughts. Allowing more ease, joy ,pleasure and sexual energy to flow


PORTAL 3- Personal Power (KDance)This module explores our strengths and weaknesses around personal power. Working on mastering your energy and sovereignty. Looking at personal/environmental energy grids.


PORTAL 4- E-Motions (Breathwork)

This module teaches death, rebirth, cycles within cycles. An opportunity for you to clear old emotions and stuck energy. Practice self compassion. Learn to lead with love. 


PORTAL 5- Express Yourself

This module explores the shadow aspect and how you play small to protect yourself. Voice activations, participants will lead a short guided experience based on what gifts they are looking to step into. Mantra session


PORTAL 6- Trust Me (Blindfold Dance)

This module teaches about intuition and cultivating deep trust within oneself. We explore how our trust was broken earlier in life and how that continues to show up in our current life. Split into groups and give intuitive readings. 


PORTAL 7- Cosmic Drip Channel

This module will teach you how to channel your own transmissions. You will receive potent light language transmissions as well as activate it within yourself. You will be channeling a poem, song or story which will be shared with the group.



This module we create your life's mission statement and highlight your strengths, desires and gifts. Each sister will facilitate a short guided experience to anchor the leadership codes.



Introductory price of $1111 

Space for 6 women

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