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Loving Couple

Conscious Relationship Coaching
All sessions will be held online

Conscious relating within relationships is a lost art. Many people have traumas which lead to armouring and unhealthy coping methods. On one hand it can be very painful to face triggers but in another way it is actually a massive gift and opportunity for expansion when we choose to consciously move through the pain and turn it into our power.

All our relationships provide us with possibilities. With some awareness, compassion and devotion, we can shift our entire inner landscape.

does this sound familiar?

Feeling unheard, unseen, misunderstood, attacked, ignored, blamed, insecure, do they love me? incompatible? longing for deeper connection, unconscious mind games, pent up emotions, resentment, guard is always up.

Couple Meditating

How I can support and guide

When we begin our journey together, I will start with individual sessions with each person. This is for me to learn about your past. This includes going through a series of questions so I may understand how you perceive the world and what types of coping mechanisms you have adapted to. Once both sessions are complete. I will give each of you an assignment in preparation to come together in session. The second week is when we begin the conscious relationship coaching.


Practise presence and active listening


Reach out ! I'd love to learn how I can support you.


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