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It is wonderful to witness so many women around the world reclaiming there sovereignty and wisdom within the womb space.

In this 90 minute online gathering you will have an opportunity to learn some basics about the cosmic womb, take part in a womb meditation and share your personal experience in a loving space.

Womb Meditation & Sister Circle

This is an opportunity to join a sisterhood where you can learn about womb health and create a deeper more loving connection with your womb space and with your menstrual cycle. We are cyclical beings and it is important for us to live in tune with these cycles so we may feel more fulfillment.  One the things we see in our society is the constant need to push through things. Suck it up, be stronger and harder on oneself. This is what we call self abandonment and dishonouring ourselves and our natural cycles of life.

We who have female wombs were created to move through our inner seasons. When we connect in with these inner seasons, we learn that there is an opportune time to get shit done, and rather then push through we use our internal flame to energize us! You wouldn't want to start a project on the first day of your menstrual cycle. This is when most women step in to Winter. A time of relaxation, reflection and nourishment. We also can call this Wise Woman Phase.

If this all sounds juicy and you want to learn more about womb health and nourishment, join us on September 13th @ 5pm.

Free Womb Meditation
Womb health and womb meditation circle
Sep. 13, 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. PDT
Free Online Womb Meditation