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The Mentorship Expereince
Honouring the world of form and spirit; Surrendering to 

endless death and rebirth; 

This is the source of all healing.

~ The Shamans Way~

Working together for 16 weeks means you have a huge opportunity to transform your current life into the life you have always been dreaming of. A life in which you embody balance, strength and confidence. This mentorship is ONLY for women who are ready to FULLY commit to rapid expansion and transformation. ALL in energy! You will receive a high level of support, unconditional love and coaching which will break through your beliefs and your comfort zone. This is for the warrior in you. She who is tired of feeling stuck and fearful. She who is ready to claim back her power so she may live within the flow state. She who is ready to leap into a new timeline NOW!

In this 16 weeks we will explore all aspects of your human experience  Including your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. We use various modalities to achieve breakthroughs. So its time to stop the old narrative of unworthiness, victimhood and feeling incapable and stuck. Its time to embody presence, passion, power and purpose!

Benefits of the Mentorship

  • Increasing your awareness and gaining focus

  • Find relief from mental health conditions such as Depression,   anxiety and stress

  • Ability to see into your mind traps

  • Learn to be embodied in day to day life

  • Cultivate safety in your body

  • Learn to create intimacy with yourself

  • Feel more present and passionate about life

  • Tap into your sexuality and shift old judgments and imprints

  • Discover your purpose and align to it

  • Creating a relationship with your emotions so  you may feel more overall ease

  • Learn to regulate your emotions without panic

  • Build emotional independence not co-dependancy

  • You simplify your life and find more peace

  • Heal old traumas and integrate into a new way of being

  • Gain knowledge on your un-serving belief system and create more healthy beliefs

  • Improve your communications skills

  • Resolve conflict more quickly and effectively with new problem solving tools

  •  Implement new behaviours and responses which lead to more  effective and concrete daily self help tools

  • Understand your emotions, thoughts and behaviours and create  healthy responses

  • Boost self esteem and self acceptance

  • Have increased energy and feel inspired

Book a free clarity call

Taking time to answer your questions and seeing if we are a fit to work together.

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