"If you seek healing, you need to learn to give your mind and body much needed rest and relaxation. You need to believe in your body’s intelligence and its abilities to heal and give it your assurances. You need to give your body all your love and attention"

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Quantum Counselling $130
90 Minutes
Receive quick shifts and insights
(Includes Quantum Energy Healing & Intuitive reading

60 Minute online $115
Does not include Quantum Energy Healing
Breathwork Ceremony $160
Includes Quantum Psychic reading & energy healing
(Optional; Sananga & Rapeh. Amazonion Plant Medicine) 
Additional $10
Womb Ceremony $130
Addressing a specific experience or emotion. Working on bringing the nervous system to a calm and relaxed state so you may experience a release, shift and have a  completion. I work on connecting to your womb and supporting your energetic field to release old imprints. Each session is completely unique. We end this session with a ceremony of honouring your womb. This is when I sing, massage, speak light language and energetically caress your womb. I welcome her to burn bright in her fullness.

Reiki & Massage $100
60 Minutes
Gentle, intentional massage to support the release of stored energies which prevent flow and supports the nervous system. Conversation and guidance to support integration after the session.


"Meeting Tameeza was fate. I am so grateful to be able to recieve her love, support, and guidance in my spiritual journey. She goes above and beyond in ensuring that you feel welcomed and safe in her space. I have only been fortunate to know her for a few months now and the impact she's had on my journey can not be explained through words alone. I have attended a group breathwork class and two one on one breathwork sessions and I have come out of each of them with more clarity, understanding, and love within myself. I encourage anyone who is interested in receiving her healing, love, and guidance to go through with it! I guarantee that you will come out the other side feeling more love and clarity then you ever thought was possible."