"If you seek healing, you need to learn to give your mind and body much needed rest and relaxation. You need to believe in your body’s intelligence and its abilities to heal and give it your assurances. You need to give your body all your love and attention"

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"Meeting Tameeza was fate. I am so grateful to be able to recieve her love, support, and guidance in my spiritual journey. She goes above and beyond in ensuring that you feel welcomed and safe in her space. I have only been fortunate to know her for a few months now and the impact she's had on my journey can not be explained through words alone. I have attended a group breathwork class and two one on one breathwork sessions and I have come out of each of them with more clarity, understanding, and love within myself. I encourage anyone who is interested in receiving her healing, love, and guidance to go through with it! I guarantee that you will come out the other side feeling more love and clarity then you ever thought was possible."


Join The 4 Week Breathwork Immersion
1:1 Somatic Delayering Breathwork

 Four 1:1 Deep Somatic Delayering Breathwork Sessions 

(8 Hours of in person support)

1 integration zoom call on the 5th week

Coaching around your unique body armouring

Looking at your traumas and how you feel and move in your body. 

How the body armouring dictates how you feel. 

Identifying body locks through the breath. 

Looking at beliefs systems from this life and your lineage

Working with spirit, ancestors, starseed beings

Light language activations to support a spiritual connection and activate your dormant light codes

Unlimited email support during the 4 week period.